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PHP is a main worker side scripting language installed in HTML that allows you to fabricate static and dynamic web applications. It represents Hypertext Preprocessor, and its first form began as a little venture and delivered by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. The straightforwardness, practicability, and proficiency of PHP have made it a top choice among understudies, architects, and analysts. You can rehearse PHP contents and get comfortable with every one of the qualities by executing a few tasks with free source code. Allow us first to comprehend the advantages of utilizing PHP and what it can assist you with.

The most ideal approach to gain proficiency with a programming dialects is through projects. They permit you to evaluate your insight into the subject while testing your imagination. In this way, in the event that you are a PHP amateur, everything thing you can manage is work on some continuous PHP projects.

Benefits and Common Uses of PHP

PHP has C-like grammar, which is not difficult to execute and dominate. With PHP, you can play out all the fundamental framework capacities, oversee dynamic web substance and information bases, track meetings, and even form a whole online business site. You can accumulate information from records, save information, email it, and return it to the client.

Further, you can encode information and confine clients from getting to explicit pages. PHP likewise offers the usefulness to alter and change the components inside your data set and access treats factors. This scripting language is viable with numerous available information bases, like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Informix, Oracle, and so forth

The accompanying PHP project themes will familiarize you with these highlights. Regardless of whether you are simply starting with PHP or hoping to sharpen your programming abilities, take a shot at the open-source codes accessible on GitHub and find additional opportunities in the web improvement space!

PHP projects on GitHub


As the name proposes, PHPMailer is intended for sending messages from PHP. The standard mail() work doesn’t give capacities like validation, encryption, connections, and HTML messages. Additionally, it for the most part utilizes a neighborhood mail worker, which is not normal for PHPMailer’s SMTP execution. PHP Mailer is an undeniable email creation and move class for PHP, and you can introduce the whole bundle through Composer. Then again, you can look at different libraries for sending messages from your code, like SwiftMailer and ZetaComponents.


PHPUnit is a trying structure dependent on the xUnit design that permits you to get a handle on how unit testing functions. Its “Beginning” manage on GitHub gives every one of the insights regarding introducing the venture and utilizing it.

The test-driven improvement approach permits software engineers to distinguish bugs and make little strides en route as and when changes are required. For example, you can test every segment of the code of your web based business website, remembering opening the webpage for a particular program, looking for items, adding them to the truck, looking at, etc.


Attempt the Symfony PHP system to evade dull coding errands and speed up the creation and upkeep of your web applications. Symfony has a bunch of reusable parts that make up the standard establishment of any PHP application. Music applications like Spotify and web based business projects like Magento utilize this system. It accompanies an open-source permit and complete documentation to help your learning.


In the event that you need to work on testing, you can go for this task. Puma is an independent library that can be applied to any PHP project for scratching site pages and running start to finish tests in genuine programs (Chrome, Firefox, and so forth) It utilizes Symfony’s BrowserKit and DomCrawler APIs.

Puma acts via consequently executing JavaScript codes, allowing you to take screen captures, and permitting you to run JS code and XPath questions. All things considered, you can give your energy to composing your test and web-scratching setting, and Panther deals with the rest.


Chug will help you in sending HTTP demands, both simultaneous and nonconcurrent, with a similar interface. It utilizes PSR-7 for solicitations, reactions, and streams and furthermore allows you to use other viable libraries. We have featured a couple of Guzzle’s capacities underneath:

  • Building inquiry strings
  • POST solicitations
  • HTTP treats
  • Transferring JSON information

Streaming huge transfers and downloads


Laravel’s effective language structure works on web improvement undertakings, viz. verification, steering, meetings, storing, and so on Also, you can embrace an undertaking and construct a hearty web application utilizing this incredible structure. We have summed up a portion of the appealing highlights and apparatuses underneath.

  • Fundamental question manufacturer
  • Solicitation/reaction taking care of
  • An amazing reversal of control compartment
  • A powerful relocation framework
  • Incorporated help for unit testing

Bootstrap CMS

Made and kept up by Graham Campbell, this PHP-based CMS library utilizes Laravel 5.1 and Sentry. Bootstrap CMS applies the line framework to offload certain positions (for instance, sending messages) and decrease the page-stacking time. It gives reserving usefulness, topic setting, and supports Google Analytics. You can just download the code from GitHub and introduce it with Composer.

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Lychee is a designer agreeable photograph the board apparatus that you can run on your web worker with PHP 5.5 or more. Also, you will require a MySQL information base. On the off chance that you need to store, oversee, and share photographs safely, Lychee is an amazing alternative. You can discover this PHP project on Github for nothing.


In the event that you need to apply a creative way to deal with your PHP-based AI project, examine PHP AI on GitHub. The library by Arkadiusz Kondas has documentation on preprocessing, affiliation rule learning, relapse, and cross-approval.


This PHP system is intended to create bots for various informing stages, including any semblance of Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Microsoft Bot Framework, and WeChat. The undertaking code for the BotMan programming is accessible free of charge download and appreciates a high client rating.


Monolog is a top decision for project log the executives among PHP web designers. It encourages you in sending logs to information bases, attachments, documents, inboxes, and other web administrations. The Monolog library executes the PSR-3 interface and accompanies extraordinary overseers that let you fabricate progressed logging procedures. In 2018, it got perhaps the most downloaded PHP projects on GitHub.


The Nextcloud worker presents a solid method to store your web information. With this stage, you can synchronize your records, contacts, information bases, and different administrations distantly and easily. Nextcloud offers a two-factor validation include so you can be guaranteed about the security of your information.


Phalcon is a full-stack PHP system known for its excellent web execution and low memory utilization. Composed with C augmentation, the open-source project code can assist you with improving your programming and coding abilities. Along these lines, clone the Phalcon repo and begin!


With this task, you can figure out how to write to and read from a few report document designs, including OpenXML, Oasis, ODF, RTF, PDF, and HTML. PHPWord is an unadulterated PHP library containing a bunch of classes on the accompanying themes:

  • Setting report properties (title, subject, name of the maker, and so on)
  • Making segments with differed settings (scene/picture, page measuring and numbering)
  • Setting default text dimension, style, and passage style
  • Embeddings headers, footers, text breaks and page breaks
  • Adding pictures, diagrams, shapes, page watermarks

Embeddings hyperlinks, commentaries, endnotes, and so on


It is a cutting edge full-stack testing project for PHP that gives you another method of composing tests, including acknowledgment, utilitarian, and unit tests. Controlled by PHPUnit, the Codeception system is equipped for utilizing PHP to compose depictions quicker.


With this, we have covered 15 top PHP projects on GitHub. Information on PHP ideas is significant on the off chance that you need to get into the field of web improvement. As per, passage-level PHP engineers in India procure a normal compensation of ₹ 4,09,331 every year. Also, as you advance in your work, you can proceed to work in positions with higher obligations and pay. In this way, continue rehearsing and acquiring new abilities with these free PHP projects on GitHub.


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